Overview of the national Reference Frameworks Repository (RFR)

Présentation du Répertoire National des Référentiels (RNR) | 17 Jun 2010
ASIP Santé defines promotes and certifies reference frameworks contributing to interoperability, security and use of healthcare and e-health information systems.
ASIP Santé designs and maintains a number of these reference frameworks, in close collaboration with the representative organizations of the stakeholders (vendors and users) in the field of healthcare IT in France. ASIP Santé is also selecting existing reference frameworks managed by other organizations or institutions such as national agencies, international standard development organizations, and international profile development organizations.
For both internally built and externally selected reference frameworks, ASIP Santé prioritizes international standards or profiles consolidated by a broad use, whatever the focal field is: security, interoperability, identification …, and localizes these standards or profiles to the French healthcare regulatory and organizational context. Localization activities include translation, specialization, extensions and restrictions.
The national Reference Frameworks Repository (RFR) is the common open infrastructure set by ASIP Santé for managing, growing, publishing and servicing its built or selected reference frameworks. This infrastructure is the central access point to these reference frameworks to all stakeholders (IT vendors, healthcare providers and organizations, public institutions …).
The roadmap of the national RFR includes these first steps:
  • Version 01 :  Common publishing and web access environment for all reference frameworks
  • Version 02 (early 2011): Provision of notification services to stakeholders and of a collaborative environment for external contributors.
    • Subscription to notifications of events such as “new release published” or “new component available”.
    • Wiki space for external contributors
    • Online poll management tool
    • Registration and management of workgroups related to a reference framework (such as contributors, reviewers, balloters), with dedicated mailing lists, forums and collaborative spaces.
  • Version 03 (late 2011 - 2012):  Adding semantic interoperability services
    • Multi-terminologies and value sets management server, with a web-service interface based on the “Common Terminology Services release 2” (CTS2) standard, providing services for the collaborative build, localization and maintenance of reference terminologies and value sets.
    • Terminologies and value sets query server, offering a CTS2 web-service interface for querying existing reference terminologies and value sets, as well as the mappings between these.
    • Repository and Registry of interoperable content templates, providing services for searching, viewing and downloading content templates. The content templates Registry has also features for handling the binding of template elements to their value sets and reference terminologies into the Terminology and value sets query server.