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The ASIP portal features six information sections:

·        E-HEALTH: everything you could want to know about e-health

o   The main issues of e-health.

·        THE MAG: e-health on the ground

o   The successes of e-health services presented in magazine form.

·        FORUMS: the views of the ASIP Santé stakeholders

o   A series of articles by key players in the world of healthcare.


o   ASIP Santé’s activities and projects.

·        SERVICES

o   Access to the online services offered by ASIP Santé.

·        ASIP SANTE

o   Introducing ASIP Santé: its origins, scope and objectives.


There are five navigation tools to help you find your way around the site.

The information menu

Located at the top of each page, the menu gives access to the site’s six sections.

Within each section you can sort the articles by type.

For the layout of the site, please see the
site map

The search engine

At the top right of each page you will find the site’s internal search engine. The search engine enables you to access all of the content on the portal.

The breadcrumb trail

Near the top of each page, the breadcrumb trail shows you where you are in the site. It is comprised of links that make it easy to return to previous pages.

The headers

Located at the top right of each page, the headers give you access to the press area, the glossary, the contact form, the DMP info service contact form, health professional card support, and the help section.

From here, you can also increase or reduce the text size of the page you are on, access the ASIP Santé Facebook page, access the ASIP Santé Twitter profile, access the e-health portal RSS feed, and view the English version of the site.

The bottom of the page

A summary of all the key areas of the site, such as the main sections, site map, help, etc.

The services and functionalities of the portal


Registration in the National Information Database

To connect to or register in the National Information Database, you need to go to the Services section. Creating an account is free, and enables you to find the information you need, whether you are working for a private company or are acting as project manager, and to create project files.



Documents and associated links:

At the end of each article, the “associated documents” and (internal or external) “associated links” areas give you access to additional content which provides more detail on the subject in question.


RSS Feeds

You can stay up to date with the latest site news through the RSS feeds.

What is an RSS feed?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a data description format which facilitates the automated broadcast of information feeds for internet users, allowing content to be syndicated so that other sites can easily republish all or part of the data.

The format means you no longer have to visit your favourite sites one by one to stay up-to-date with any new content: all you need do is add their RSS link URL to a compatible software programme to view all the information sources aggregated on a single screen.

So, if you subscribe to the RSS feeds, the latest news published on our site will be displayed on your computer, without you having to connect to our home page.

How do I subscribe to an RSS feed?

There are three ways of automatically receiving information from an RSS feed in real time:

1. Register on the site of an online content aggregator such as Netvibes or RSS-Feed. You will then find your feeds on the page you have created on this/these site(s).
2. Use a browser or e-mail programme which has an RSS feed reader, for example:
          * Mozilla Firefox (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux). This web browser allows you to subscribe to information feeds via its dynamic bookmarks system.
          * intraVnews (MS Outlook - Windows) plugin for Microsoft Outlook which enables you to read content from information feeds
          * Thunderbird
          * Internet Explorer 7
3. Use a specific reader software package, called an “RSS reader” or “news aggregator”, for example:
          * AlertInfo developed by GESTE
          * FeedReader
          * NewsFire for Mac OS X.